Caselogic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack

Having two valuable items in one bag at the same time when traveling is like placing your money inside a safety deposit box. In both situations, the safety of the items depends on where it is being kept. If we choose to buy a safety deposit box that can easily be opened, it becomes useless.
The same thing goes with your bag, if you purchase a DSLR bag that can not provide the protection your gadgets needs then it is safe to say that you have just wasted a good amount of money; not only for the bags but most especially for the money paid for your camera and computer notebook. You can avoid this from happening if you will take time in carefully choosing the DSLR bag that you will buy; but who has time to do that? Well in that case, if safety and protection is your primary concern; then Caselogic SLRC-206 is your answer.
This camera bag is compact enough to tightly secure your gadgets in place and prevent it from further moving. It has a memory foam on the inside walls that absorbs the impact whenever your bag accidentally hits a wall or other hard surfaces.
And in case you unintentionally drop it on the floor, the rubberized shell base of the bag will serve as shock absorber. The base of the bag can even stand on its own. It is water-proof so you don’t have to worry if you have to place it on a wet grass or even at snow.
One feature that stands above the rest is the patented pending hammock system. It suspends your DSLR camera above the ground so it would not absorb the impact when it falls. Your tripod is supported by heavy-duty hook and loop straps that is attached on the side of this knapsack.
Functionality is not sacrificed in this camera bag as it can be used as an everyday, carry on bag. It is ideal for photographers who travels a lot or commutes to their work. Whether you go hiking or cycling on a regular basis, this bag will serve as a perfect companion. The adjustable padded dividers give you the option to fully maximize the bag’s capacity. And if you are still doubtful of the safety and protection this bag can give to your stuff, you are entitled to 25 years warranty; a testament to the bag’s superior quality.
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Caselogic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and Laptop Backpack
Price: $60.00 (List Price:$61.00)
(as of 01/22/2018 10:03 UTC - Details)

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CaseLogic Caselogic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and Laptop Backpack $61.00

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