The Kata BP-502 GDC Camera Backpack is designed to feature thermo shield technology combined with reinforced plastic boards and cell padding. It is an ultra-protective and lightweight backpack. You have quick access to the top opening that allows for easy working scenario. The main compartment has a unique internal dividing system that allows diversity of the equipment setups. The extra external and internal pockets offer a variety of storage options for both small and large objects. The zipper opening enables full access to all your equipment. It also makes the process of packing and unpacking easy.


  • Harness system. This backpack has an advanced and adjustable harness system that can be concealed for comfortable carrying.
  • Easy access. It is easy to access your items in the backpack. This is made possible by the quick access top designed for any working scenario. Any other equipment you need on your move can be stored at the main piece and then secured by the flap doors.
  • Variety of Storage options. The backpack features internal and external pockets for added storage options. You can therefore store both your small and large items that you need while on the move.


  • Easy to use
  • High quality materials
  • Many pockets
  • Flaps


  • Massive size


One of the recent customers who purchased the Kata BP-502 said, “I purchased this backpack on my trip to Australia. It was the size of backpack I needed to accommodate my gear and DSRL camera. The tripod holder is also awesome. I highly recommend this backpack.”

The Kata BP-502 GDC Camera Backpack is meant for accommodating both large and small gear. It is highly durable and therefore you are assured of using it for many years before replacing.

Kata BP-502 GDC Camera Backpack
Price: $299.00 (List Price:unavailable)
(as of 02/20/2018 05:11 UTC - Details)

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