Kata DB-455 DPS Series Digital Camera BagIf you want a camera bag the can also function either as an office bag or a normal personal bag for every day use. The Kata DB-455 DPS Series Digital is the best gear for you.

This satchel type of bag contains a huge main compartment; it has a designated padded casing inside for your laptop (size up to most 15” laptops) and a compartment for a DSLR camera. The camera case can be detached to the DSLR bag, perfect when you are not shooting and just want to use the bag for a common day like going to office, etc.

The padded camera holder can fit a DSLR body, additional lens plus a flash. It also has one large pocket made for your small but useful tools like notebooks, pens, cell phone and mp3. They have also added two flexible elasto guard side pockets for extra storage.

Kata bags do not boast even though they have special features like the TST RIB structural protection which can only be found in Kata products because it is patented. Its essence is to protect your equipments from any unwanted bumps or collision. This bag can also be carried by using the Kata Insertrolley. This gives you a much convenient way of bringing the bag when you are in airports, travelling abroad etc. Not only that they have also a variety of shoulder straps to choose from for an optimal carrying option.

The Kata DB-455 DPS is available on Amazon.

Kata DB-455 DPS Series Digital Camera Bag
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