Kata KT T-216 Torso-Pack XL uniquely designed to keep your compact camcorder or D / SLR with battery grip attached in quick-draw position, while TST protected. TST – TST (Thermo Shield Technology) is a state of the art solution that provides the perfect protection level for digital equipment while creating an extremely lightweight product. It is featured on the important areas of the bag that are subject to shock. The main compartment holds a compact camcorder or D/SLR with battery grip attached and up to 70-200 mm lens in top grip position while in the rest of the compartment you can use the dividers to store and protect additional lenses, chargers or other accessories. This unique torso pack allows you the option to either carry your gear on your back or on your torso, making it easy to switch in between to easily access your gear. Simply swing the bag from back to front to grab your main camera for shooting. During long carrying durations a second balancing strap forms a triangle shape to the pack making it well balanced and comfortable to carry on the body. An extra pocket on the side of the bag will allow you to store an extra lens while on the back flat accessories such as cables and lens filters will stay organized and protected. The T-216 is the central element of the Kata EPH system which will allow you to connect it to several other compatible backpacks and waist packs to allow for multiple carrying possibilities and extra storage.

Technical Details

  • The provided elements cover will protect your valuable equipment during extreme weather conditions.
  • TST – Kata’s TST (Thermo Shield Technology) provides the perfect level of protection against shock, vibration and impact.
  • This bag is customizable through the use of the modi-vers divider system.
  • This bag is compatible with the Kata EPH system which will allow you to connect additional bags for extra carrying possibilities.
  • The ergonomic shoulder strap fits your exact shoulder grade for optimal carrying angle.

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Kata KT T-216 Torso-Pack XL
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