Kelly Moore 2 sues Bag - Raspberry

Kelly named this bag 2 sues after two good friends of her that have a photography business with the same name.
Kelly Moore always aimed to create bags that don’t look like camera bags, that can be used whether you are an hobbyist, a photographer, or even a professional photographer.
As Kelly said: “We don’t want them to look like a camera bags, but we want you to be able to carry your gear safely and then also carry into your everyday’s life, so that you can have your camera with you, whatewer you need it“.
The Main peculiarity of this bag is that it has… well it has two fronts; Kelly couldn’t decide what he liked better, so both were mantained.
The idea behind this camera Bag in to create a bag that is soft and don’t feel like a rigid camera bag. To obtain this result, the exterior walls and the bottom of the bag have been heavily padded. In fact, that’s where the gears actually sits.  Conversely, the top of the bag was left very lightly padded, so that the gear is still protected, but you still have a soft feel to the bag.
On the front of the bag there are two 5″ x 6″ zipper pockets and two 5.5″ x 5.5” pockets with magnetic snaps.
On the back, or better on  the “other front” of the bag, has been incorporated the Posey Pocket a 7″ x 8″ cc/cf card wallet where you can put your credit cards, license an so on.  Always on the back there is also a 9.5″ x 5.5″ zipper pocket.
The 2 sues has two different handles; the short removable shoulder straps (10″ height) and the long adjustable and removable messenger strap ( up to 56″).
Inside this bag comes with a long padded, removable and adjustable divider for an iPad, and two small dividers for your gear. The great thing about it is that since it is tall bag, you can carry your iPad long ways or tall ways.
The  Kelly Moore 2 sues Bag does come with zipper on the top, and also little hidden magnets to protect the interior even when the zipper is open.
This dslr bag hold up to a 10″ lens, a pro camera body or standard body + grip, or a camera body with lens attached.
The Kelly Moore 2 sues Bag is made made of water resistant, man-made materials and is available in Black with Silver Hardware and Grey,  Mustard, Walnut and Raspberry, all with Antique Brass Hardware.

You can purchase the Kelly Moore 2 sues Bag at Amazon.

Kelly Moore 2 sues Bag – Black

Kelly Moore 2 sues Bag – Grey

Kelly Moore 2 sues Bag – Mustard

Kelly Moore 2 sues Bag – Walnut

Kelly Moore 2 sues Bag – Raspberry

Kelly Moore 2 Sues Camera/Tablet Bag with Shoulder & Messenger Strap (Walnut)
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Kelly Moore 2 Sues Camera/Tablet Bag with Shoulder & Messenger Strap (Walnut) 3.8 out of 5 based on 89 ratings. 0 user reviews
Kelly Moore Kelly Moore 2 Sues Camera/Tablet Bag with Shoulder & Messenger Strap (Walnut)

Introducing a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag -- the Kelly Moore 2 Sues Camera/Tablet Bag. This comfortable bag features a padded bottom, removable padded basket with 2 padded dividers, and 2 spaces for an iPad or tablet. All dividers are removable and adjustable for a personalized fit. The stylish exterior is water resistant and has two sides that will hold your personal items and photography accessories. One side features 2 snap pockets and 2 zipper pockets for smaller items. The other side has a large pocket for memory cards, credit cards, and your license plus 2 large zipper pockets for other accessories.

This bag features a short strap and a padded messenger strap, and both straps are removable for your comfort. The top has a zipper for added security and hidden magnets if you don't zipper your bag. This bag has a "slouchy" look even when loaded with your camera, lenses, flash and tablet. Perfect for professional photographers, hobbyists, or anyone who wants to carry their camera equipment in a sturdy yet fashionable bag.

In addition, this bag features the new removable basket, which allows you to take out the camera compartment completely, transforming the 2 Sues into an everyday handbag!
Kelly Moore

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