Kelly Moore Mimi Bag - Black

Together with the 2 sues Bag, this is one of the new models from Kelly Moore for the second part of 2011.
The Kelly Moore Mimi Bag is a very functional and versatile bag that kind of reminds the old Mary Poppins Bag, or the old vintage doctor’s bags. The bag is made of water-resistant, man-made materials, with gun metal hardware on it and protect your gear thanks to the padded exterior walls and bottom.
With its outside dimensions of 13.5″  x 7.5″ x 9″ (L x W x H), the Mimi Bag is not a huge bag, but it’s actually very deceiving, because it holds quite a lot of stuff, and this is a very important  feature for all photographers.
Like all the others Kelly Moore’s products, even the Mimi Bag doesn’t look like a camera bag, and can be fantastic to keep your stuff organized.
If you look at the side profile of the Mimi Bag , it actually expands to be pretty large, but when you are carrying it, it collapses so it doesn’t seems like big, and when you use this camera bag as a every day bag without the dividers, it gets pretty small.
The Mimi Bag First can be easily carried thanks to the two handles provided, (6.5″ height) that you can wear on your shoulder, and there is also a removable long messenger strap ( up to 56″) and a shoulder pad.
On the front of this dslr bag there are two 5.5″ x 5.5″ zipper pockets,  where you can put keys, gums, lip gloss and other small items like that.
On the back of the bag, there is a big (11.5 x 9″) envelope pocket, which is great because it fits an iPad, and a 9.5″ x 6″ zippered pocket which is really convenient for adding further storage capacity.
Now, let’s move to the interior of the Mimi Bag. Like the other bags from Kelly Moore collection, even the Mimi  comes with a lot of storage space, and this is very important not only for a photographer, but for anybody wanting a bag that can help himself get organized.
A great feature of this bag is that when you unzip it really comes open, so you don’t have to struggle to reach the content of the bag; it opens really wide so that you have fast and easy access to your bag’s content.
This bag comes with three larger size padded,  removable and adjustable dividers, and with two smaller sub-dividers to organize the internal space of the bag according to your needs.
What fit inside the Mimi Bag:
– up to a 9″ lens
– a pro camera body or standard body + grip
– a camera body with lens attached

The Kelly Moore Boy Bag is available in Black, Grey, and Lavender.
You can purchase the Kelly Moore Mimi Bag at Amazon.

Kelly Moore Mimi Bag – Black

Kelly Moore Mimi Bag – Grey

Kelly Moore Mimi Bag – Lavender

Kelly Moore Mimi Bag
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