Koolertron Canvas Vintage Camera Backpack - AS-KSFB39-YEAnother interesting Backpack from Koolertron, the Koolertron Canvas Vintage Camera Backpack is made from pure cotton water canvas,with a texture soft but strong and durable, very comfortable to carry.
The fasteners and accessories of this Vintage Camera Backpack from Koolertron are made of cowhide and metals, genuine and durable.
The Koolertron Backpack has two separate packets; above is for storing various objects like clothes, daily necessities, snacks, below is for storing camera equipments.
There’s an interlink between the two packets, and you can remove the below packet and use it as a casual shoulder bag.
Concealed in the bottom zippered bag, the Koolertron  Backpack has also a rain cover,
The Koolertron Canvas Vintage Camera Backpack is a good solution for photography lovers do for short trips, but can also be used in the daily travel.

The External dimension:46cm x 33cm x 15cm
The Liner Size: 26cm x 18cm x 13cm.

Koolertron Canvas Vintage Camera Backpack
Price: $49.62 (List Price:$49.62)
(as of 08/19/2017 05:27 UTC - Details)

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Koolertron Koolertron Canvas Vintage Camera Backpack $49.62 https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51XKCYQ93GL._SL160_.jpg


Height8.27 inch8.27 inch8.27 inch
Weight3.97 pound3.53 pound4.41 pound
Width5.91 inch5.91 inch5.91 inch
Length9.45 inch9.45 inch9.45 inch

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