They say that you can not combine flair and functionality at the same time, especially in DSLR bags. Maybe they haven’t seen The Nevis by Ona Bags yet. It is handcrafted and made of full–grain leather just like your favorite signature bags minus the expensive price tag.

The camera bag’s customizable interiors give the owner the option to maximize the space inside the bag. It has a closed – cell foam padding that gives our DSLRs the protection it needs against accidental falls and bumps.

Certainly, you wouldn’t want to miss special moments in your life. Good thing there is already camera bags designed like hand bags that can be used by women for everyday work. Whether you use it as a camera bag or a normal bag without your camera, who would know?

Just imagine what you can put inside a huge 17.5’’ x 8.0’’ x 7.0’’ (L x W x H) elegantly designed DSLR bag with protective water – resistant lining. Enough interior (3) and exterior (4) pockets for your personal items like wallets, mobile phones and car keys. You must agree, photography has never been this fun and easy.

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