Crumpler 1 Million Dollar Home Camera BagThe 1 Million Dollar Home by Crumpler could arguably be the smallest, most compact, and simplest DSLR camera bag that you can ever find right now in the market. But no matter how small, compact, and simple it is; you may be surprised about the features that Crumpler incorporated into this bag. If you are a light traveler who prefers bringing minimal items with them, this may be the perfect bag for you.

Crumpler has integrated the Velcro Silencer into this DSLR bag. It works by pulling the silencers at the back and attaching them over the Velcro. In this way, you can utilize the clasp according to your desire. This is one ideal way of opening or closing your bag discreetly (as we all know the noise that a Velcro can create).

The broad and sturdy body strap can be adjusted in different lengths depending on the load of the bag. Logically speaking, the more items you bring, the more you need a wider shoulder strap to distribute its weight. It comfortably rests around your body as if you are carrying nothing.

The shoulder strap is made of 38mm flamed polypropylene webbing and includes a tri-glide buckle system. For instant access to our items, we can place it on the reinforced side accessory loop. This is an ideal storage for our car keys, memory cards and mobile phones (any item that is small and handy).

Though it is relatively small and compact, space can be maximized with the aid of modifiable Velcro and brushed padded nylon partition. It also includes a zippered mesh pocket for extra storage and the side pocket can be accessed without opening the bag.

The material that is being used in 1 Million Dollar Home DSLR Bag can protect your camera against liquid spills of any kind. It is made of 900D nylon woven fabrics, one of the strongest and toughest materials that can be used for bags. This gives the interior and exterior surface excellent smoothness, making it non-abrasive.

You don’t have to worry about damaging our clothes or camera. The polyethylene-EVA foam guarantees that the bag maintains its shape while the arched flap keeps your items securely covered.

You can buy the Crumpler 1 Million Dollar Home Camera Bag on Amazon.

Crumpler 1 Million Dollar Home Camera Bag
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