Fujifilm Bowler Bag for CameraMade from Faux Croc material, the Fujifilm Bowler Bag for Camera is a very trendy camera bag, with a dual zipper top opening and 2 outer velcro pockets.
On the inside the Fujifilm Bowler Camera Bag is cushioned with a velcro repositioning wall,  that allows you to keep on one side your camera snug and protected, and on the other side other accessories and personal items.
The bag does not look like your standard camera bag, and allow you  to put some personal items on it and leave your purse behind.
This Fujifilm Bowler Bag for Camera makes a fashion statement, and will be sure to get you noticed.

Fujifilm Bowler Bag for Camera
Price: $27.96 (List Price:$20.75)
(as of 01/23/2018 02:22 UTC - Details)

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