M-Rock 671 McKinley Roller Laptop Camera BackpackNature Photography maybe considered as one of the most dangerous kind of photography anyone could ever try (in the ranks of Aerial and Documentary Photography). There are so many undomesticated creatures that you can possibly encounter in the wilderness. It is best to always be prepared whenever unexpected events happen.

M-Rock, makers of one of the finest, trusted camera bags in the market have been in circulation since 1995. Providing your camera and other gadgets the maximum protection whenever and wherever you are.

Professional photographers consider their 671 McKinley as one of the best options when doing nature photography. It may be used as a regular backpack when climbing the mountains or hiking for a long period of time. You may also attach a trolley (it includes the Modular Trolley 698 when purchased) at the base of the bag whenever you will be using it at the airports or just want to rest your shoulders after carrying it for so long.

Attaching a modular belt around your waist is another option that you can do to your bag to give you extra pockets for easy access to your accessories and it also serves to secure your bag tightly around your waist. The back section of the DSLR bag can carry your computer notebook or a hydration pack, depending on your preference.

The bag’s compartment may be adjusted according to the gadgets and accessories that you will be bringing. In addition, the accessory bag can be removed to take full advantage of the space of your bag. It has an easy 2 way access inside the bag, the entire front or just the bottom segment.

The camera bag is made of weather-resistant materials (600D nylon), ideal when crossing rivers or encountering an unexpected rainfall. The body is reinforced with thick closed cell padding, protecting your DSLR camera, computer notebook, and lenses against shock.

The M-Rock 671 McKinley Roller Laptop Camera Backpack gives you the quality and protection just like the other expensive bags may give; but nonetheless still performs the same results, if not better.

M-Rock 671 McKinley Roller Laptop Camera Backpack
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