XcessRize Designs X DSLR Camera Bag on EtsyJackie of XcessRize Designs shop on Etsy has a sleek and modern DSLR camera bag for sale. It has all the extra features you needed with no unnecessary space.

With their slogan of “Life is too short to carry an ugly bag”, you are definitely sure that their products are beautiful. It is available in different fabrics exhibited on her store. This DSLR bag is also available in dark grey and other solid colors.

Its dimensions are 15” x 7” x 6” and it is well cushioned and durable with the center area designed for your DSLR camera. It also comes with a number of different pockets, namely – three (3) well-padded lens pockets, wallet compartment, cell phone pocket, lens cap storage and flash drive space.

XcessRize Designs camera bag also has a key clip in place and has a 60” long flexible webbing strap which allows you to wear it in two (2) styles via messenger or shoulder type. The side release buckles which are adjustable as well are located below the flap for quick access. The bottom base of the bag is tough and the color of the interior is matched with the color of the underside of the flap.

After you purchase a bag through her Etsy shop, then the item is just handcrafted and is normally completed and ready for shipment in 10-15 business days. They do accept rush orders as well though it is limited.

This trusted seller on Etsy has 1,145 feedbacks and all are positive. You can buy the DSLR camera bag on her shop for only $85.

Images courtesy of xcessrize shop on Etsy.

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