Tamrac 5535 Adventure Messenger 5The Tamrac 5535 Adventure Messenger 5 bag is an ideal camera bag for those who owned many gadgets aside from a DSLR camera. This bag as noticeable is rugged and bulky in size which means that it has a lot of space inside. It can house a DSLR camera with lens attached to it, a flash, 2-4 lenses, laptop and other gears like cell phones or iPod.

The interior of this DSLR bag is composed of a main compartment where it holds the DSLR camera and other parts of it. It is well cushioned and has padded foam dividers to avoid scraping of equipments inside. The internal dividers can be customized for a tight and compact position of the equipments. It also has a zippered pocket made to store your small accessories and other important items like pens, notepads, iPod, cell phones etc.

This bag has a clever twist because the laptop compartment is separated to the camera case. You can find it at the back of the bag and it’s also zippered, the rear has padded foams to secure the laptop against shocks or bumps which may cause damage to the gear. Because it is installed outside the main compartment, it grants you to easily get the computer without opening the interior storage. The bag also features zippered front pocket installed at the top of the bag, a side pocket, and a back zippered pocket for additional storage of accessories.

Most of the pockets are zippered because of the innovativeness they made on them called the ZipClip™. It grants a quicker access than a normal zipper can do and is made with high quality materials so you can be sure of its durability.

Just like other Tamrac camera bags, carrying it on travels won’t be hard because of the EasyGrip™ carrying handle and shoulder strap. You can also affix it to the handle of a rolling luggage trolley with the help of Piggy-Back Pocket™.

You can buy this wonderful Tamrac 5535 Adventure Messenger 5 Photo/Laptop DSLR bag on Amazon.

Images courtesy of Tamrac.

Tamrac Adventure Messenger 5 Photo Laptop Camera Bag 5535
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