Tamrac 5769 Velocity 9x – Pro Sling Pack DSLR BagFor techies, finding the perfect accessory for your gadget is as hard as finding the perfect gadget to complement your lifestyle. In case of DSLR cameras, finding the right DSLR bag to match our beloved gadget should be done carefully and wisely.

Flair and functionality should be considered as the primary basis when buying your camera bag. One good choice is Velocity 9x – Pro Sling Pack, Tamrac’s biggest edition of sling packs. It can be carried effortlessly like any other Knapsack. Its zippered quick flip top can be opened easily for quick access to your camera and it doesn’t require to be removed from your shoulder whenever you need to take those once in a lifetime memorable incidents.

The bag can accommodate the DSLR with lens attached on it (70-200 mm zoom lens), perfect for people who are always in a hurry. Tamrac has also incorporated in this bag 3 features that are probably first and never been seen before in other camera bags. First is the Tuck-A-Way™ waist belt which allows you to carry your bag without worry. It is an ideal feature especially when you are hiking or cycling and still is able to carry your bag comfortably and hassle-free. Another feature is the Memory & Battery Management System™ (US-patented), a simple innovation which uses red flags to distinguish unused memory cards and batteries from the ones that are already used. And lastly, Modular Accessory System™, it holds your accessories that are placed in the belt itself and makes it more reachable whenever we need it; three simple features from Tamrac but definitely a big help for photographers.

You can buy Tamrac 5769 Velocity 9x DSLR bag on Amazon.

Images courtesy of Tamrac.

Tamrac Velocity 9x DSLR Bag 5769
Price: $378.30 (List Price:unavailable)
(as of 01/22/2018 10:11 UTC - Details)

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