Tenba 632-333 Shootout Large Backpack with Wheels (Black)Tenba Shootout Large Backpack with Wheels

The Tenba Shootout Large Backpack with Wheels is the biggest of the Shootout series from Tenba, and like the other Backpacks of this series is built to be an excellent waterproof and comfortable photo and video backpack.
The outside of the backpack is made from Water-repellent, dobbydiamond ripstop nylon, an excellent combination of lightweight, weather resistance and durability.
And each interior access point is protected by a weather sealed rubberized YKK Zipper.
On the front of the bag there is a bungee cord that provides quick storage for a rain jacket or a windbreaker.
Behind the bungee cord is one of the many special features of the Shootout Backpack: a multi-stage tripod carrier that we call the Mystic System.
The 3 stages of the Mystic System accommodate virtually any size tripod.
In Stage 1 there is quick storage for a small tripod. Just attach the 3 velcro loops around the legs and then engage the compression straps at the top of the front flap.
From a medium size tripod the front flap bends in the middle and attaches to clips on the bottom, to create what Tenba call Stage 2.
By lowering the tripod by up to 5 inches, this put the weight back in balance.
If your tripod is too big for this configuration, then you can get the Stage 3, by folding the front flap all the way down and clipping the compression straps around the bottom of the tripod legs.
This will allow you to carry a tripod that is much larger than the Backpack itself, while still maintainng proper weight distribution.
If you are not using a tripod the compartment still has a fully weather-sealed zipper around it, which makes it perfect for storing delicate camera and computer accessories.
Around the side of the Backpack is another exclusive feature: quick access pods that give you the ability to swap up lenses, flash and other equipment without ever taking off the backpack.
The storage capability of the Side Pods varies according to the size of the camera bag;  The Large size is designed to carry as much camera system as you’ve got, plus a tripod and a laptop up to 17 inches (Capacity: 2 SLRs, 8-10 lenses (up to 500mm f4) & flash, plus virtually any size tripod).
All this is designed to insure that you will never miss a shoot because you backpack gets in the way of your work.
The expedition-grade harness system combines substantial padding and ventilated mesh material to provide hours of carrying comfort.
All Shootout Backpacks except the smaller mini size include a full waist belt to insure that the weight of the bag is evenly distributed to you lower back and hips for you body can safely support the weight.
The waistPad is even removable for those times when there isn’t enough weight in the pack to require it.
Dedicated top and side handles make it easy to carry the pack when your shoulders need a break or when you want to load into the overhead compartment of an airplane.
To prevent the shoulder straps and waist belt from getting cornered when the pack has being stalled a zippered cover that hides behind a harness seals everything up neatly.
Reversing the compression straps allows you to securely attach the backpack to your rolling luggage.
Stored behind the zipper on the bottom of the case is Tenba’s exclusive weather wrap cover, the fastest, easiest auxiliary rain cover around, which provides another level of protection. Since it is completely removable it can be easily dried or cleaned if it gets wet or dirty.
The interior is fully lined with smooth, water-repellent nylon pack cloth. Inside the bag there are two compartments.
The main compartment opens with the two Y zippers, and contains fully adjustable, densely-padded divider panels and walls to arrange the internal layout according to your needs. All Shootout Backpacks, regardless of size, will fit two professional camera bodies with lenses attached, plus a variety of additional lenses, flash equipment and other accessories.
In the small, medium and large sizes the insert is completely removable, just by grabbing the handle at the top and pulling it out. This not only allows you to use the Backpack for non-photographic purposes, but it also allows you to easily swap out camera systems if you have additional lenses which are available as an accessory. Clear, plasticized mesh pockets and web loops hold accessories, for easy identification and access to contents. A zipper at the top opens up the laptop sleeve at the back. Depending on the size of the Shootout Backpack this sleeve would fit everything from small laptops all the way up to the large 17” models.
The Tenba Shootout Large Backpack with Wheels is offered in three different colors (632-333 Black/Black, 632-331 Black/Olive, 632-332 Silver/Black ) while the Shootout Series is available four different sizes (Mini, Small, Medium, Large). The medium and large backpacks are available with optional inline wheels
If there is rain, snow, or stain where you leave, then the Tenba Shootout Backpack will insure that your equipment stay safe when the weather send its worst.
The Shootout Large is identical to the Small and Medium backpacks in every way except for size, and it includes an expedition-grade waist belt and removable photo interior.

Outside Dimensions: 16.5W x 20H x 12.5D in. / 42W x 51H x 32D cm
Inside Dimensions:  13W x 18H x 7D in. / 33W x 46H x 18D cm
Fits most laptops up to 17-inches
Weight:     9.3 lb. / 4.2 kg

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Available Colors

Tenba 632-333 Shootout Large Backpack with Wheels (Black)

632-333 Black/Black

Tenba 632-331 Shootout Large Backpack with Wheels (Olive/Black)

632-331 Black/Olive

Tenba 632-332 Shootout Large Backpack with Wheels (Silver/Black)

632-332 Silver/Black

Tenba Shootout Large Backpack with Wheels
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