Luxirare Camera Bag and Purse Hybrid for Nikon D90As everybody is saying this new bag made by Luxirare is totally unique and flashy. Luxirare is a webzine that concentrates on creating new and exceptional fashion statements in clothing and cuisine. Most of their products are rare and elite in nature just like this camera bag.

At first glance you can say that this bag is elegant and sleek because of the leopard print look. This is perfect when you’re attending formal occasions, parties, and gathering. Nobody will notice what you’re carrying is a DSLR camera bag because of its lustrous appearance.

Its interior is small and specifically made to hold only a Nikon D90, with two internal pockets which can store a couple of credits cards and a Blackberry. The special thing about this DSLR bag is you don’t have to remove your DSLR camera out of the bag when taking pictures because it has holes personally designed for the lens and the LCD. All you have to do is open the top cover of the bag to access the buttons and controls of the DSLR body and the flap that covers the hole of LCD and you’re ready to shoot.

A high caliber camera bag also means it is expensive. Though it really is pricey, you can be sure that all of the raw materials used in this purse are of high quality and top of the line. You can only purchase this bag at Luxirare official website for $ 700.00 and is available in three stylish colors black, brown, and leopard print.

Image courtesy of Luxirare.

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